Dutch native population will decline

The Dutch language Telegraaf daily today printed an article 'Native population will decline'. In it, prof. dr. Latten of the Dutch Central bureau for Statistics (CBS) says: 'At this moment the growth is about to turn around. At the end of the year the native population may very well be decreasing'.

The decline has two main reasons. First there's the low fertility: 1.68 children per couple for native Dutch (2.34 for non-natives). Second there's a an upsurge in emigration among young native Dutch. Last year 34,000 Dutch have gone to find their fortunes elsewhere. That doesn't seem like much, but last years growth was 31,000 in total, of which a mere 1200 were native (on a total population of 16 million and change). So it would only take a relatively small rise in emigration, 1200 or more, to start the decline.

This does sound a bit alarming... Remember Mark Steyn's piece?

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Pim's Ghost zei

I do remember Steyn's piece indeed, and am quite glad to have found your site. Excellent work, and as my Dutch is still poor, your reports in English are quite a help to me!


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