The end is nigh(?)

Paul Belien, of Brussels Journal, has a very sobering post up on the future of Europe's civilization, or lack there of.

I don't know that I necessarily agree with mr. Belien. What he paints, to my mind, is a worst case scenario. One where future measures taken my European governments and the EUrocrats will sap, or otherwise make impossible, any form of resistance to the destruction of European civilization.

In my best moments I am convinced that there will come a point where the 'silent majority' will find the steel at its centre necessary to salvage of our heritage which is still salvable. The sooner that point comes the better, I think. The longer that moment is postponed the more we'll have lost.

But the reactions in the European streets to the Cartoon brouhaha are cause for some optimism people are beginning to realize just what they stand to lose. That the demo in Amsterdam coming Saturday happens at all is testament to that. But by the same token it'll be an indication of to what extent that realization has set in.

Admittedly, I am a lot more optimistic, maybe naively so, then others. Mark Steyn, the worlds best columnist in this bloggers opinion, also isn't overly optimistic about Europes future. Read his Its the Demography, stupid. It is a must read if you're interested in the problems we're facing this side of the Big Pond.

And if you can read Dutch, read this column by Lagonda. It is a painful snapshot of what we seem to have already lost since the Babyboomers imposed their blind idealism on us.

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