From tolerance to bullying

Good commentary in the Jerusalem Post on the relation between the West and Islam.

The writer does indulge in some glaring historical daydreaming. The notion that at its high point, the Islamic world was an example enlightenment, religious tolerance and cultural harmony as been more then adequately dealt with by the likes of Andrew Bostom and Robert Spencer.

But it does put the finger on the sore spot of the crisis in Europe. It's not Islam, problematic as it may be. It's the cowering, yellow-bellied reaction of the West to those in Islam that do the bullying. It's the complete refusal to stand up against a bully. We are the sad, pale geeks of the world. Yay for us(!).

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Snouck zei

Shmuley Boteach is an idiot. He let's the "Islam is a religion of peace" canard fly and "an advanced and tolerant civilisation while Europe was backward".

After the disaster in New Orleans he went on a campaign to force American Whites to intergrate with New Orleans Blacks (not mentioning all the pimps, ho's, dealers, gangsters, welfare sponges that he was forcing on people that would rather be left alone). Naturally blaming Whites for "racism". The usual "I am so morally superior to the rest of the world" bullshit. A unpleasant and unsavoury character, if you ask me.


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