Once more into the cartoons, dear friends

The Danish blog Agora has put up a translation of an interview with Danish PM Anders Fogh Rasmusen with the Berlingske Tidende newspaper. Very worthy of a read.

A short from the interview:

"I would like to stress that Freedom of Speech stands second to none for me of all our liberties. I see it as the guarantor of all our other liberties. And I see Freedom of Speech - the right to speak truth to power - as the basic locomotive of all Western societies. It’s what makes progress possible, that norms aren’t accepted on face value. That’s why it is so essential to guard it. All our liberties are answerable to the courts, of course. I too think that there are limits to what one may lawfully say. For instance, I don’t think it’s right if you have the liberty to encourage violence and terror. And apart from that, we also have a restriction on racist or blasphemous speech, and if you feel that you’ve been so spoken to, you may take your complaint to a court of law. So it is a liberty that is limited by the courts - but - here’s the point - the limits are enforced by the courts, not the government. That’s a lesson we have to be mindful of."

But isn’t the lesson also that we should be more mindful of the last part - that there are limits. Looking at the messages we have received from other countries, many stress that one shouldn’t insult other religions?

"Yes, that is true, but that is a matter of degree. We haven’t been lacking in support from partners and allies, I would like to point out. The support has been clear and unaninmous for the government’s handling of this matter and for Freedom of Speech,"
Read it all.

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