Barbarians amongst us

News is moving fast tonight! For your perusal pleasure: two stories.

First is by way of Agora who reports on reports by the danish media on a report leaked by special UN rapporteur Doudou DiƩne, to investigate Denmarks role in the Danish Cartoon Brouhaha:

[T]he Danish government’s first reaction - rejecting to take an official position on the nature and publication of the cartoons while referring to Freedom of Speech as well as rejecting to meet with the ambassadors from the Moslem countries - is symptomatic not only for the political trivialisation of Islamophobia but also, due to its consequences, to the central role those politically responsible have for the national extent and the international consequences in the shape of demonstrations and expressions of Islamophobia.
One sincerely hopes the Danish government will put the report as well as its rapporteur in the place they both deserve.

Second, via Brussels Journal, this unimaginably saddening story of lazy superficiality destroying ancient cultural treasures. In the students strikes in France against de Villepins plans to tackle youth unemployment, students have destroyed unique manuscripts from the library of the Sorbonne University in Paris:
According to today’s Catholic newspaper La Croix precious religious manuscript collections disappeared during the recent occupation of the Sorbonne. The books are mediaeval ecclesiastical chartularies: registers documenting property rights and temporary privileges pertaining to a church or monastery. The documents may have been burned on barricades which the students made near the Sorbonne chapel during the night of 10 March.
Precious mediaeval manuscripts burnt on some fruitless barricades of an even more fruitless protest by those that should, through their education, be discerning enough to recognize what they are burning. I cannot think of a sadder comment on the current state of Europe as this.

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