Cartoon brouhaha: German blog shut down.

The German website was closed, because they published the Mohammed Cartoons. An e-mail was sent (in German) reading (my translation):
Dear mister _____,

We inform you that we are canceling your account with client number _____ and the domain immediately.

We have closed public access to the site from March 1, 2006 onwards.

The trouble we've received were decisive, along with the fact that elsewhere, just through the publication of the Mohammed caricatures, people have died. One is allowed to take forceful stands in matters regarding freedom of speech and freedom of the press. We are however wondering, whether we should make a material contribution to explanations of points of views that kindle and spread fire. We are of the opinion that we do not.


Enrico Kubitz
Neue Medien Muennich
(Original e-mail at the Ayaan Hirsi Ali blog).


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Esther zei

The problem is that nobody is going to get killed when freedom of speech is censured.


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