The corpse that just will not die.

They're at it again!
German chancellor Angela Merkel and French president Jacques Chirac are engaged in confidential talks aimed at re-submitting the core of the EU constitution to French and Dutch voters, according to a German weekly.

Spiegel Online reports in a preview of the Spiegel weekly printed edition that conservatives from Germany, France and the European Parliament are plotting a scheme for reviving the EU constitution which was rejected by French and Dutch voters in referendums last year.

According to the plans, the charter should be reduced to its first two parts, setting out the EU’s competences and the charter of fundamental rights of the union.

These core parts should be boosted with the addition of a political declaration and be put to a fresh poll in both France and the Netherlands.

The remaining third part of the text, detailing the EU’s policies, should be ratified by the French and Dutch parliaments, completing the ratification of the entire constitution as it has been approved by 14 member states so far.
That's right, folks. With a little luck we get to vote 'NO!' yet again. What part of the simple two-letter word do those infernal EUrocrats not understand, one wonders.

(h/t Pedestrian Infidel)

Anyway, the attempt seems to be thwarted before it is even properly undertaken. The Polish Prime Minister Mr. Kaczynski has already said there is 'no chance' any EU constitution will be ratified in Poland, urging instead an EU treaty that is 'looser and more decentralised', taking the nation state as the central unit in the new treaty and not the idea of a grand, unified Union:
In any case, it should take reality into account, that is to say the differences between the members of the union as far as the levels of development are concerned as well as traditions and expectations.
But the shear arrogance of Frau Merkel and monsieur Chirac to decide between them that the Dutch should have a new referendum on the same thing we've already rejected rather convincingly (63% versus 37%) last year is a bit infuriating. And the backhanded way of rubberstamping the meat of the 'constitution' in parliament, while the referendum is on the statements on fundamental rights and competences (the 'We are the world' part, really) is even more so.

[UPDATE]Brussels Journal has a good commentary of the situation around the attempts to revive The Corpse.

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