Creeping Sharia in the Netherlands

GroenLinks, or the Green Left, in Holland part of the really left, has taken the plight of the emigre women to heart. In the name of feminism and the liberation of the oppressed muslim women in the Netherlands, Femke Halsema c.s. have suggested the introduction of...

wait for it...

Sexe-segregated subway cars (drum roll and brass fanfare, please).

True, those segregated cars would only ride at night, presumably to protect the womenfolk from intrusive and often aggressive harrassment from a certain segment of the male population. But still..

I can't seem to make up my mind about GroenLinks being utterly insidious, astoundingly stupid or both. But I don't think I can think of a clearer signal GroenLinks is willing to accommodate muslim activists insisting on further introduction of Sharia provisions.

Dear Femke, the answer to harassment is not hiding away the harassed. It is locking up the ones doing the harassing!!! What is so difficult about that?

You may not believe this, but the measures you and yours are suggesting *will* lead to permanent segregation. You may at this point bleat something about women having the choice to make use of the Women-only cars. But realistically they won't. Because any woman choosing to ride a normal car will be seen as a woman 'asking for it' by some. And it'll only take one or two incidents to make the sexe-segregation on public transport permanent. Women will no longer be able to pick a car and sit down without the risk of harassment or worse. They'll be confined to cars dedicated to women. 'Slegs vir vrouwvolk', is that what you're after?

You stupid, stupid woman. You and your party are a disgrace to the suffragettes and equal rights movement of old.

(h/t Dutch Disease report)

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