Daughter of Danish cartoonist hunted by would-be Jihadists [UPDATE: Canard!(?)]

Agora has the full story. In the course of a TV interview with TV Avisen, Liberal's spokeman Jens Rohde passed this chilling bit of info:

...[A]part from that I think we ought to consider that we have 12 cartoonists in this country who have to live in hiding under protection, have had their lives turned around. The daughter of one of the cartoonists was sought out by 12 Moslem males at her school - they wanted to get at her. Luckily, she wasn’t there...

I'm speechless... God anly knows what would've happened to the girl had she actually been at school. These are the folks who's sensitivities we should take account of?

In the mean time, the bodycount in the Cartoon brouhaha stands at 139, with 823 injured. One-hundred-and-thirty-nine lives cut short over a bunch of rather lame cartoons (and a few fake ones(1)). The entire muslim world should be ashamed of itself. But nooo, instead we get discussions about 'having respect for each others religious sensitivities'.

Well, I put up with a Piss Christ or Jesus on a Leash(2). Yes, they're kinda offensive. But actually it reflects more on the 'artists' in question then it does on my faith. It just isn't worth to get worked up about. I don't see why Muslims in Holland and elsewhere shouldn't also develop the fibre to withstand critisisms of their beliefs, without throwing an over-the-top temper tantrum.

Freedom to criticize goes both ways, my dears. If you think you're allowed to tell me I am a pig or a monkey, because of my faith, I reserve the right to publish the cartoons. To wit:

Thank you(!).

(1) See here and here for the story on the fake cartoons
(2) From the TV program 'God bestaat niet', RVU, 2005

[UPDATE] Agora let me know this story turns out not to be (entirely?) true. Somebody goofed, somebody blabbed and somebody is hushing stuff, or something. Agora has more on the this Canard here.

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Agora zei

That story has been updated. See here.

Four weeks ago, 6-8 Moslem girls showed up at the school of the daughter of one of the cartoonists, asking for "the daughter of the cartoonist who had insulted their prophet". They were turned away at the door.

Someone poopooed big time.



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