Geert Wilders presents a 10 point plan

In other Dutch news: Just today Geert Wilders presented his Ten Point Plan, called "Klare Wijn" or Clear Wine (a Dutch euphemism for clear language). The 10 points are more then a little inspired on the agenda with which the late Pim Fortuyn sought (and more then a little likely would have gained) the prime ministers seat in 2002. That agenda is best summed up by: Less bureaucracy, less immigration and less Islamic influence in Dutch society.

Reactions in the political arena were unanimous scorn (NL), but we've been here before, haven't we? In an interview with the daily Trouw, he said:

[T]hat the cultural foundation of democratic rule of law and the free market are family, upbringing and education. "We have hopelessly neglected that foundation"


"Traditional institutions like family, church, school and local societies are the buffer between citizen and state and we should honor that fact. Policy should be based on that. Teachers, but also police-officers, nurses and other essential employees need to be shielded from the dismantling of the bureaucracy and should be paid much better. These buffers give our children the upbringing and education through which they will develop into fully formed citizens. That is liberalism with a conservative streak. I call it New Realism"
The 10 point of the plan are:

1. Taxes and governmental organs trimmed substantially.

2. Recognition of Judeo-Christan and Humanist tradition as the dominant culture. Revocation of Article one of the Dutch Constitution.

3. Take back authority and competences from the EU.

4. Immigration stop of five years for non-western immigrants.

5. Moratorium on the founding of Islamic schools and mosques, preach prohibition for foreign imams.

6. Upbringing and formation back in the curriculum of schools.

7. Direct elections of mayor and police commissioners.

8. High minimum penalties, higher maximum penalties, re-education camps for youth street terrorists.

9. Teachers, police officers, nurses, members of the military where possible higher wages.

10. No complicated restructurings of (health)care, but more emphasis on accessibility and human dignity in care institutions.

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