Quran indicted in Germany

Agora reports a German civil movement has lodged a complaint in several German federal states against the free dissemination of the Quran. According to the complaint the Quran is incompatible with the German constitution on several key issues (non-discrimation against gender, race and religion, separation of legislative and judicial power, separation of church and state).

Can't find anything in the usual German suspects (Der Spiegel, Die Welt, etc). But I'll post updates if and when I learn more.

[UPDATE] Jutta Starke, the lady who filed the complaint in Hamburg on behalf of the BVB, commented on Agora that this action is not supposed to censor or outlaw the Quran entirely. ' The spiritual part of Islam shall not be censored'. Miss Starke (and the BVB, presumably) rightly observes that the Quran is in fact the constitution of Islam, and hence the Ummah. As such wherever the Quran contradicts the German constitution it is by necessity in direct conflict with it. Says miss Starke: 'We must discuss this!''

She is right. This is a discussion we must have. We should have had it for a very long time now, but it is good to see that there are steps being undertaken to get this discussion going in circles broader then just us 'islamophobes'.

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