Yes, we'll sell you our souls

From EU-Observer:
EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - The EU is keen to start buying gas from Iran to diversify supplies away from Russia, despite a European Commission freeze on Iran gas talks due to the international row on Tehran's nuclear ambitions.

Iran is slated to ship 7 billion to 10 billion cubic metres of gas a year to the EU from 2011 under the so-called Nabucco project, which plans to build a pipeline running from the Turkish-Iranian border to Baumgarten, Austria.
Could this be the reason the EU is pussyfooting around the nuclear ambitions of Ahmadinejad and the mad Mullah's? According to the Iranian envoy to the EU the problems between Iran and the IAEA are a minor 'blip'.
"This problem is temporary. The IAEA situation may come to a good conclusion and the negotiations will begin again," he said.
Why is he so optimistic anyway? Does he know something we do not?

Anyway, the EU justifies this deal in the name of stategic diversification of energy suppliers.
Iranian gas fits in with the EU's new energy supply diversification strategy, with the commission set to call for new "memorandums of understanding" on energy with Caspian Sea and Middle East producers in a landmark green paper on Wednesday (8 March).

Russia currently provides 25 percent of EU gas consumption, but confidence in Russian energy flows were shaken when Gazprom turned off the tap to transit state Ukraine in January.
As with most things EU, the idea is good, but the realization defies common sense and flies in the face of the self same fundamental ethics the EU espouses. Which shouldn't really be a susprise. On needs only to remember Solana's nauseating groveling in the ME over the Danish cartoons, all in the name of 'diversity, inclusiveness and respect for other cultures and religions'.

But what in the world gives the EU the idea Iran will be a trustworthy supplier? This will be just another stick to be used by Irans theocracy to keep the EU from any meaningful resistance to wiping Israel of the map or other such lovely thoughts.

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