France: Rioters win...

(via EURSOC)

The French President Chirac has decided to revoke the CPE(F), the law that would give people under 26 a probationary period in which they could quite/be dismissed, before getting a contract for life. And the law against which the French unions, students and assorted racaille have so vigourously protesting against.

With that it seems de Villepin has been sacrificed, although it is not known yet whether he will resign. One thing is abundantly clear: France is governed by those that burn cars and molest whoever they can get their hands on. France is as of now ruled by the street. Watch as within now and very soon some other disgrunteled group (Banlieues, anyone?) will go on yet another rampage to get their way. In France it works, that much is clear.

France as a state has pretty much ceased to exist, it would seem. Despite the high voice of La France in matters EU, appointing itself as the spokesperson and 'conscience' of us all. Isn't it time to review Frances status as a full member of the EU? Balkan countries have been warned their aspirations towards new membership were in the balance for lesser offenses then the complete breakdown of the states rule.

[INSTANT UPDATE: The BBC has the news in EN]

[UPDATE001: EU Referendum also has some thoughts]
[UPDATE002: Gateway Pundit has more]

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