Islam is not a danger: Dutch PM

I wanted to post about this earlier, but I wanted to wait for an anglophone link to share this happy bit of news:

Islam is not a danger
. This is according to Jan-Peter Balkenende, Dutch prime minister, Christian-Democrat and life-long EO-jongere (yes, that's an in-joke. Sorry!)

According to Balkenende:
"It causes me pain to see that people regard Islam as a danger. Islam is not a danger. The people who misuse Islam to spread terror are the danger"
One wonders if Balkenende ever took the effort of leafing through a Quran. Or even scan the pages of the Sahih Bukhari. Does he even read the international news, one wonders. Or has Balkenende finally succumbed to the islamic vote back home? Seems to be all the rage, these days.

Soberly speaking, it shouldn't be that much of a surprise. Agnes van Ardenne (blaming the Danish cartoon brouhaha on those evil secularists) and Piet-Hein Donner (who advocated re-instating the 'grievous blasphemy' laws the day after van Gogh was murdered) are also christian-democrats. If these are any indication of the level of moral fibre within the CDA, we should've expected Balkenende to dhimmi up his visit to Indonesia.

But still, being christian, it should be expected of them to have a grasp on the concepts and character of good and evil. And given the actions of the followers of the religion of the Big Black Stone Idol around the world, one would expect them to come to an easily derived conclusion. They don't. They're failing. And with that they not only fail their own professed religion, they fail the country they're getting paid handsomely to protect against harm. And if you fail, you need to leave.

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