Straight from the horses mouth - Part III

There is no Room for Freedom in Islam

This is not me airing my islamophobia. This isn't something I picked up from Jihad Watch or the Infidel Bloggers Alliance either. This is Al Ghurabaa'.

You know, that charming little outfit that brought us the first London demo against the Danish Cartoons. How fondly we remember those peaceful and tolerant placards urging muslims to 'BEHEAD THOSE THAT INSULT ISLAM' and urging us Westerners to 'BE PREPARED FOR THE REAL HOLOCAUST'

Anyway, seems lately there have been some blasted hypocrites uttering some weak-kneed fluff about Islam being for freedom and in fact being tolerant. Luckily we have Al Ghurabaa' to set us straight immediately:
Despite the insistent pleas of some apologetic sections of the Muslim community and their distorted claims that Islam ‘represents freedom’ and ‘tolerance’. The fact of the matter is that there is no room for freedom in Islam whatsoever, in fact Islam calls for the complete opposite, and end of all freedoms and the enslaving of all people to their lord.

Seems that freedom is the root of all evil, since
upon examination we find that it is nothing more than an excuse to lie, cheat, slander, backbite, swear, insult, mock and even defame all people in the name of this grand privilege to speak your mind. No, there is no room in Islam for this kind of evil concept, there is no freedom to lie, no freedom to slander, no freedom to swear, no freedom to insult any prophet and the prophet (saw) said, “whoever insults a prophet, kill him.”

So we find that the freedom that people worship is nothing more than an excuse to follow desires and corrupt societies

Luckily the solution is at hand, when we all submit to the
end of all freedoms and the enslaving of all people to their lord.

So, freedom is depravity, slavery is bliss. Freedom is oppression and oppression is freedom. Seems Allah had George Orwell beat by about 1100 years. Who'd have thunk it?

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