You will be known by the friends you keep

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Extreme National Socialist parties in Europe, while never really gone, have for years suffered a completely marginalized existence. Living in that part of the political spectrum where extreme right meets the extreme left in their desire for the founding of a totalitarian system (where they, obviously, will rule) they occasionally made a nuisance of themselves. However, the biggest threat against public order they were able to muster was the violent counter-demonstrations by anti-fascists.

Lately, there seems to be a general trend of re-assertion in the public space among the Nazis in Europe. Only a few days ago the Dutch current issues programme 2Vandaag (NL) devoted a segment to the resurgence of Nazis in the Netherlands.

Now it is clear what the source of that re-vitalization is:
The [Iranian] Islamic regime has increased its financial help to several European Nazi and Far-Right groups, especially, in France, Germany and Austria. Thousands of Dollars and Euro have been already distributed in that line.
This really shouldn't be a surprise given that, for instance, Constant Kusters, chairman of the neo-Nazi Nationale Volks Unie (that I won't favor with a link) in the recent past has said that regarding ' relations these [islamic regimes and jihad groups] are our partners in the fight against zionism' (1). He also has expressed his admiration for Usama bin Laden and his 'freedom fighters'. Kusters even had the temirity to suggest that bin Laden, lacking real bombers to resist the 'zionist Anglo-American forces' was right to use passenger jets as makeshift bombers (2).

The scum of humanity accepting (or reversely: financing) the scum of humanity. Not really surprising. But it is nice to see both sides giving away where it is they actually stand.

(1) NVU members conference, March 13 2005
(2) NVU demonstration, The Hague, October 22 2005

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