And so it begins?

Charles Johnson of small green American handegg fame received a translation of a small article in the Danish media:
A Muslim constitution in Europe.

Islamists in Europe are working on a special legislation for muslims, that will be above national legislation. The initiative comes from the Fatwa-council for Europe, who claims that a “constitution for European muslims” is on its way. The Fatwa-council has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood organization. It’s spokesman is Tariq Ramadan, who among many westerners has a reputation of representing a more liberal european Islam.
This sounded a bit too outlandish, but a google search turned up this bit from
"The document is like a constitution Muslims in Europe are expected to abide by as it outlines the basis for inter-Muslim relations as well as the relations between Muslims and their European societies," he added.

Al-Banani asserted that the charter, drafted in French, had gone thorough juristic, linguistic, cultural and legal reviews and revisions.

He said the document would be translated into all European languages as well as Arabic.

The charter tackles the fundamentals of Islam, the Muslim presence in Europe, the relations between Muslims and their European societies and Muslims' political and cultural contributions to their communities based on the principle of citizenship.
The 'Muslim constitution' is drawn up by the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE) an orgaization who's stated goal is
to maintain the Muslim presence in Europe and to enhance and develop that presence so that Islam is properly and accurately introduced.
The FIOE works closely with the European Council for Fatwa and Research, an organisation headed by Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, of Muslim Brotherhood fame, and with Milli Görüs, infamous (in the Netherlands) for financing the building of the Wester Mosque and considered a menace to society in Germany.

All of these have at various times expressed the desire to introduce Shariah in Europe. And with the publication of this 'constitution' they may well be ready to make the first significant step. It effectively withdraws European muslims from under national legislation (in their own minds at least) and seems to be specifically aimed to put European muslims on a collision course with various national governents.

Evidently the Brotherhood seems to think they have the upper hand right now, else they wouldn't make a move as bold as this. It is a slap in the face of every EU member government having outside forces draw up a 'constitution' for what at least nominally are EU member nationals.

Of course it remains to be seen what is actually in the document. But it all seems to fit nicely with The Program drawn up by the Brotherhood. European governments would be well advised to take note and act decisively when this document is published. If we allow foreign shores (c.q. the Muslim Brotherhood) to formally dictate the law over (part of) our citizens we will be in deep doodoo. This is serious, people. This goes waaay beyond 'diversity' and 'integration'. This is a direct challenge to national authority and it must be met.

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