Dhimmitude at Utrecht University

According to the daily paper Trouw, the board of Utrecht University forced prof. dr. van der Horst, professor New Testament at the Theological Faculty, to delete passages from his farewell speech because of fears of negative reactions from muslim corners.

In the original speech prof. van der Horst made some critical observations on islamic antisemitism. The university board was afraid these remarks might spark trouble with muslim students and hence "strongly advised" prof. van der Horst to change his speech, which in the end he did reluctantly and under protest.

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[UPDATE001] Trouw has put up the text of the farewell lecture here (NL). His criticism of the islamic world in general and the islamic scientific community in particular in perpetuating the blood libel can be found on pages 22-30.

[UPDATE002] DhimmiWatch has the story as well.

[UPDATE003] The response of the board of Utrecht University can be found here (NL, pdf). h/t Eurabia.nl

Islamic antisemitism / Censorship farewell speech professor

Prof. dr. Pieter W. van der Horst has, under protest, deleted passages on contemporary islamic antisemitism from a speech he made yesteray in Utrecht.

The board of the Utrecht University insisted Van der Horst modify his farewell class, according to Van der Horst from fears for reactions from muslim corners.

The professor New Testament, professor at the theological faculty in Utrecht since 1969, is upset with this state of affairs, which he calls "a scandalous breach of my academic freedom."

The text of his farewell speech landed in the desk of prof. dr. Gispen, rector magnificus of Utrecht University. Before a commission of four, Van der Horst had to defend his speech. In the 'Nieuw Israelisch Weekblad' (New Israelian Weekly) he's quoted regarding that: "Muslim students were to cause havoc, the rector even 'couldn't guarantee my safety', the work was 'below academic standards'."

In his speech 'The myth of jewish cannibalism' Van der Horst wanted to ask for more attention to "a big, global problem: That a part of the islamic world has taken over the torch of jew hate from the Nazies and carries this torch fervently. The islamisation of European antisemitism is one of the most dangerous and scary developments of the lest decades."

The professor anticipated the controversial passages would lead to accusations of 'islamophobia'. "But one cannot close ones eyes for affairs one doesn't like to see or that don't fit a world view determined by ideological limits."

In a written response the board of Utrecht University confirms a consultation with the professor had taken place. "In that conversation Van der Horst was advised stronlgy (but not forbidden) not to read certain passages, because they were not part of a scientific argument and through their nature should not be part of an academic farewell speech."

The board said it regretted that Van der Horst "saw the advise as an infringement on his academic freedom".

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