Dhimmitude at Utrecht University - Update

Just a minor, but heartening, update to this story.

Utrecht University is increasingly coming under fire for it's blatant display of 'best dhimmi behavior'. Especially Willemien Otten, who was the first to contact the board about the 'inappropriate' farewell lecture. Turns out mrs Otten wasn't so afraid about muslims, but was more afraid that farewell lecture might cost her group the imam course they were negotiating on. So it was about money. Academic principles be damned, the lady has a job to protect.

In last Saturdays Trouw, eminence grise Arnold Heertje takes the entire Utrecht board (NL) to the shed for their 'clumsy , indecent and stupid' handling of the situation
Van der Horst remains a gentleman in every sense of the word throughout, but all others involved have exposed themselves as cold-blooded liars [...] What must society be thinking, witnessing this curious spectacle?
In the mean time van der Horst has regrets: He sincerely regrets giving in to the Utrecht University board's 'urgent request' to strike the paragraphs dealing with islamic anti-semitism.

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