Dutch racism, Muslim radicalism and stealth Marxism

So, by now we've been taught that the Dutch are 'extremely racist'. However, a study published yesterday into the mindset of the the young 'allochtone' (oh, how I despise that word) also had some revealing news: 40% of young Moroccans (that would be second and third generation immigrants, those born and bread on these green and wet shores, that have gone to school here, but somehow seemed impervious to the multi-cultural 'everybody is special, but nobody is more special then any other' indoctrination that goes by the name of elementary education these days) reject democracy and think that Muslim and European lifestyles are hardly compatible.

A majority is opposed to the freedom of speech regarding hurtful comments, especially when Islam is the issue debated about. Approximately 7% is willing to defend their faith with violence.

Forty percent.

Reject democracy.

Reject the idea of co-existence with 'European lifestyles'.

And of those 40% 1 in 6 would "defend their faith with violence".

It really beggars belief. They've been born here, been given the opportunities their parents and grandparents sought for them upon arriving here. They've been coddled and helped and assisted along the way though school because of their 'special' nature as immigrant children. And if they get the chance one in 15 will take up arms against the society that granted them all those priviledges. It is beyond ungrateful.

The reaction to this bit of alarming news is obvious to those who know Dutch politics: A Centre for extremist studies will be established. That'll show'em who's boss! Tea will be served, with or without sugar, upon entering the premises.

To those not familiar with Dutch political SOP, or still in possession of some common sense, Fjordman provides a neat analysis that explains this perfectly natural outcome: The revenge of Marxism. Quite a long read, but well worth it.

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(1) BTW, we did notice the Morrocan youth themselves used the phrase 'Muslim lifestyles' and did not refer to 'Moroccan lifestyles', right? So, if we criticize the treatment of women, the honor killings, the senseless sense of entitlement and of being owed Rezzpect, this is not criticism of Moroccans per se, but of Islam, right? So, in fact it is NOT racism, is it? Glad we got that sorted out, then.

[UPDATE001] I just read this on Dhimmi Watch:
Carried out by two university researchers, the survey, titled 'Social Choices In Turkey' interviewed 1,846 people living in 18 of the country's provinces during the period March-April 2006.


The majority - 65 percent - also favoured the introduction of curbs on the activities of Christian missionaries in Turkey, with 42 percent saying they believed that foreigners settling in Turkey pose a threat to Turkish culture.

Methinks that puts the 'racism' of the Dutch in perspective, doesn't it?

[UPDATE002] In todays (Saturday) Trouw an excellent column (NL) by Ephimenco, who is rapidly becoming the Mark Steyn of the Low Lands, taking on the different 'studies' and 'surveys' we've had thrown at us over the last couple of days.

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