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+ The EU Constitution is not dead, it lives!

+ The Palestinian Authority seems to be well and truly in self-destruct mode.

+ Gates of Vienna has a good post up about the undesirable infighting between US and Euro infidels.

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The EU Constitution is not dead, it lives! That the French and the Dutch voted against it was merely an 'accident' that shouldn't influence it's implementation. This according to German minister for Europe G√ľnter Gloser:
“The constitutional treaty is alive,” he insisted. “It was not the treaty which was rejected by a large proportion of those in France and the Netherlands who voted non or nee. Other reasons determined their choice.”

“More positive economic circumstances and with better information about the treaty in both countries, the referenda would probably have resulted with oui and ja . This shows that we can and must stick to this treaty.”
Or, as Brussels Journal aptly translates into plainspeak: " you! We're going ahead with or without your approval." Welcome to the EUSSR.


The Palestinian Authority seems to be well and truly in self-destruct mode. Alexandra of All Things Beautiful links to an article in the Jerusalem Post discussing the Prisoners Letter, the agreement between Fatah and Hamas which supposedly 'implicitly recognizes Israel':
To see the document as "implicitly recognizing Israel" requires interpreting its demand for a Palestinian state in "all the territory occupied [by Israel] in 1967" as signifying this territory only, thus implying an Israel alongside. Unfortunately, the text belies this interpretation.

According to a Hebrew translation published by Haaretz, the actual wording is as follows: "The Palestinian people … desires the liberation of its lands and the realization of its right to liberty, return, independence and self-definition, including the right to establish an independent state with holy Jerusalem as its capital on all the territory occupied in 1967" (emphasis added).

In other words, a state in this territory is merely one part of the broader goal of "the liberation of [Palestinian] lands." Or to put it in historical context, this is a reincarnation of the PLO's 1974 "phased plan," under which any "liberated" territory would serve as a base for pursuing Israel's ultimate destruction.

And, lest anyone misunderstand, both the documents' authors and other Hamas spokesmen have stated this explicitly.
Which pretty much spells the end of the streams of money flowing into the Palestinian Territories, since recognition of Israel was a key condition for EU and US funding to be resumed.

On top of that the al-Aqsa Brigades (i.e. Fatah, i.e. Abbas' people) claim to have fired a chemical weapon into Israel:
"The al-Aqsa Brigades have fired one rocket with a chemical warhead" at southern Israel, Abu Qusai, a spokesman for the group, said in Gaza.
Do these people even know what 'escalation' actually means? Or are they so used to it happen only to the other guy? Not only cruel and savage, but galactically stupid as well, apparently.

Meanwhile developments in Israel and the Palestinian Territories are moving fast. Check in with L&J and Debka to read the latest on the gloves coming off in Israel.

This via Leon de Winters blog:
A Hamas official called the arrests an "open war against the Palestinian government and people,"
No shit, sherlock.

And France? Well...


Gates of Vienna has a good post up about the undesirable infighting between US and Euro infidels. As one of hit Euro commenters wrote:
Well, most commenters here are Americans and accordingly it seems to me that every discussion winds up in a cul-de-sac, namely:

1. Europe is doomed and lost, no matter what.
2. All Europeans are anti-Semitic dhimmies.
3. No European will stand up for Israel.

Okay — I’m a busy man. I have a job and a family. Not much time for rubbish. So, in my spare time I’d prefer to concentrate on the task at hand — which is to help revving up the momentum of European resistance in general and Danish resistance in particular.

You may call it “friendly fire”, but taking flak from remote echelons stateside forces me to fight a two-front battle. And I don’t want that. There’s a war going on over here. So far it’s quite “phony”, but when things start to roll I won’t waste too much effort in guarding my rear…
Baron Bodissey responds:
We do a disservice to these brave and dedicated people by lumping them in with the dhimmis and Jew-haters. If change is to occur in Europe, it will come from people like them, people who are primarily from the “New Europe”, with Denmark leading the way.

And I hope the New Europeans who have honored us here with their presence will continue their patient and civil arguments against the nay-sayers. I hope their optimism eventually will infect us all.

No one’s mind has ever been changed by insults and angry accusations. If the anti-Semitism of Europe is to be overcome, it will happen in the same way that anti-black racism was overcome here in America, by decent-minded people speaking out opposing it, by patient repetition of the moral case against it, and by reasonable and humane argument. Invective convinces no one. Racial prejudice in America is still with us, but it was made vulgar and publicly unacceptable by the efforts of the non-racists among us.

The change starts out small, and then grows. It starts out with ordinary, average people taking a quiet stand.

The flag of IsraelI won’t have an effect by screaming at people who will never listen anyway. I won’t make a difference by calling you or Nils or Friedrich or Stanislaus or Henrik or Pierre an anti-Semite. I will make a difference by saying this:

I Stand With the Jews.

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