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Blogging will be light the next couple of weeks. Despite many precautions, preventive medicine and voluntary isolation I've contracted FWC fever. Football World Championship fever, I mean. Much to my own chagrin (and that of mrs. KV) I find myself (not so) involuntary watching every snippet of play, interview and analysis leaving me little time to do anything meaningful, including blogging.

My apologies.

(And to think that after this a serious case of infection with the Tour de France bug casts a shadow over my immediate future. Woe is me...).

To attempt to make ammends I'll share with you some news from this side of the pond I thought interesting.

First off, EU Referendum reports that Cyprus is set to torpedo any attempts to restart negotiations between Turkey and the EU about the formers accession to the latter.
Olli Rehn, the EU's enlargement commissioner, is saying that the talks are heading for a "train crash".

Hirsi Ali, scandalously accused by The Times of flirting with neo-fascism, is about set to release 'Submission 2'. According to Brussels Journal this has the set of quivering civil servants we have the displeasure of calling 'our government' worried the Netherlands is heading for a Danish-style boycott of the world-wide ummah. No doubt more appeasement will follow, maybe earning the Netherlands another tongue (or rather: pen) lashing by Mario Vargas Llosa, the Nobel prize winning writer.

In a further display of creeping dhimmitude, the Italian judiciary is considering a new complaint against Oriana Fallaci. The new complaint, lodged by Italian muslims, came after Fallaci reacted rather focefully against another megalomaniacal mosque project, threatening to blow it up. One wonders where all the complaints are against muslims blowing up this or that church or embassy.

Anyway, that's it for the moment. Now if you'll excuse me. Just another 3 hours untill a very important bit of television and I have to get prepared. Untill later.

[UPDATE001] Don't miss the latest Mark Steyn on what should be bleeding obvious to anyone with half a brain:
This week the jihad lost its top field general, but in Somalia it may have gained a nation -- a new state base after the loss of Afghanistan. And in Toronto and London the picture isn't so clear: The forensic and surveillance successes were almost instantly undercut by the usual multicultural dissembling of the authorities. If you think the idea of some kook beheading prime ministers on video is nutty, maybe you're looking at things back to front. What's nutty is that, half a decade on from Sept. 11, the Saudis are still allowed to bankroll schools and mosques and think tanks and fast-track imam chaplaincy programs in prisons and armed forces around the world. Oil isn't the principal Saudi export, ideology is; petroleum merely bankrolls it. In Britain, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and elsewhere, second- and third-generation Muslims recognize the vapidity of the modern multicultural state for what it is -- a nullity, a national non-identity -- and so, for their own identity, they look elsewhere. To carry on letting Islamism fill it is to invite the re-primitivization of the world.

[UPDATE002] Much has been made if the MSM about how the killing of al-Zarqawi will 'breed more terrorists'. Barcepundit point to this story in the Washington Post laying out that the effect of AZ's death could just be the opposite of what the MSM complains about (hopes for?). The 'next generation' of terrorists is already suffering 40% casualties, thanks to tighter security.

[UPDATE003] And speaking of al-Zarqawi: Dutch MSM has picked up on the 'US soldiers beat al-Zarqawi to death' rumor. Get your debunking of that vicious piece of anti-americanism here. (h/t Atlas Shrugs).

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