Selling out the Dutch

After disposing of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and the non-election of Rita Verdonk as leader of the VVD, Dutch politics is ready for the next step in their project to betray the country for a few extra votes.

Last week PvdA leader Wouter Bos accused CDA fraction leader Maxime Verhagen of threatening "the Lords' Peace" with Verhagens opposition to the growing influence of islam in the Netherlands. The central thesis behind this accusation was that being critical of islam apparently threathens social stability and coherence. One has to wonder though, why that would be so. For years the Left (predominantly) have been very critical of Christianity without paying a single thought to what the effects might be on 'the Lords Peace'. But now that we are confronted A) with more and more aggressive assertion of Islam in the public sphere and B) a growing realization Islam is problematic in the way it envisions concept like Freedom (there is none), Peace (Only after war. World wide war. Extermination-of-all-infidels war), Equal opportunity (I don't really need to go into that one, do I?) among the non-islamic rest of the Netherlands (1), the 'Lords Peace'(tm) is all of a sudden of prime importance to socialist leader Bos.

That wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that islam might be slightly less inclined to take criticism in stride, now would it? Or with the fact that the PvdA already knows which way the wind is blowing? After the last municipal elections it is abundantly clear to all, and especially to the PvdA what wealth of voters the inner burroughs of large cities provide to ensure power. And how does it matter then, that you have to sell out some of your key principles, like non-discrimination against women? Or that you betray even your own self? As Ephimenco points out rather astutely, Bos himself in the recent past was fully in favor of a 'tough discussion' on some of Islams problems. But hell, Bos has a rep to protect, doesn't he. That in this case it's a reputation of being a political weather vane is also of no importance.

All this is part and parcel to what we've come to expect from the heirs of the socialists of old. However, also on the Dutch right (or rather, the Dutch not-so-left) movements to 'integrate' inner cities minorities have become a priority ever since the last municipal elections, where the effect of minority votes was the determining factor. Hence the election of Mark Rutte over Rita Verdonk as leader of the VVD fraction.

And hence the re-orientation of the CDA towards the city, whereas traditionally they were the party of farmers and the country (of those, in short, that form the most reliable groups, the backbone of Dutch society as we know it). Just this week, the CDA issued a strategy paper, entitled 'De stad spreekt' (The city speaks), which encourages members to free themselves of their 'provincial bedding' and cast their eyes more towards the city. That means 'almost automatically renewed attention for immigrants, that form an increasing part of the city's population'. The title of the op-ed piece linked to sums up the situation quite nicely: He who wins the fight over the migrant vote conquers the city.

And that's all there is to it. The big three on Dutch politics, the CDA, the VVD and the PvdA have discovered the migrant vote. And due to the maddening confusion of terms prevalent in Dutch civil discussion(1), the migrant vote is not the migrant vote, but actually the muslim vote. Methinks the islamization of the Netherlands is truely about to start (2).

(hat tip to Islam in Europe. Crossposted at the Infidel Bloggers Alliance)

(1) The growing of the realization that islam is a problem becomes clear when you read the results of the 'Racism' study done by the Motivaction buro. Esther of Islam in Europe has a good break-down of the numbers and an explanation of why it seems that the Dutch have gone from the most tolerant to the seemingly most bigoted (safe for the Danes, maybe) people of Europe in the course of only a few years.

We don't mind foreigners. Really. We do mind ascribers to a religion that is tireless in it's conquest of Dutch public space. That those believers are predominantly foreign is an unfortunate 'coincidence'. And that civil discourse in the Netherlands is still totally not ready to acknowledge the distinction between resistance to foreigners and resistance to a foreign ideology coming to conquer and subdue us doesn't bode well for the immediate future (as Esther also points out).

(2) Ooh! Almost forgot this little bit of good news. Our Queen, Queen Beatrix, was visiting the Ahmadiyya community in celebration of the 50 year anniversary of their prayer house. The Ahmadiyya are known as liberal muslims, open and tolerant. So what do you suppose happened when the Queen had announced her intentions of visiting? 'Before hand an agreement was made that the Queen would not shake hands of males'. So. First question that pops into my mind: How 'open and tolerant' are these people anyway?

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