Straight from the horses mouth - part V

France has a minister of equal opportunities. His name is Azouz Begag. He's a rather militant proponent of multi-cultural France. One where there is hardly any place for the French, it seems.

Galliawatch has a nice post on this creature that represents the worst of Eurabian politicians currently in power. But I thought the following snippet, which I copied shamelessly from Galliawatch, makes a nice one for what is fast becoming a regular feature on this blog:
"...We must cross the boundaries of Paris. We must go there, where the indigenous people are, the descendants of Vercingetorix and break down their doors if they refuse to open. We must go there with forceps. Wherever diversity does not exist there must be an invasion of locusts, in the competitions for public service jobs, in the national police. Everywhere, and we must do it so that it can never be reversed."
Begag made this suggestion in an interview for Respect, some multicultural rag that is pro-islam and pro-immigration. One wonders whether the reference to locusts was as well considered as one would expect from a staunch defender of multiculturalism, but it gives away a lot more then Begag probably intended, n'est-ce pas?

There's a lot more goodies to be had at the Galliawatch post. Go and read it.

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