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One can never have enough surveys. At least, that's the conclusion one is almost bound to come to after the virtual barrage of surveys on muslim attitudes to non-muslims and vice-versa in the Netherlands and elsewhere.

First there was the Motivaction/GDP survey (NL) that concluded that the Dutch were racist to the core. Never mind the multi-cultural front they put up for over three decades. Apparently all that time we've been pretending and in reality (again: apparently) we secretly donned out white bedsheet caps when we're alone in the basement. Or some such.

The reactions to the findings of the Motivaction survey on Dutch racism and 'islamophobia' (as the good people (NL) of Motivaction termed their findings) were interesting. On the one hand we had the usual suspects (in this case DhimmiWatch and the Gates of Vienna) celebrate the apparent waking up of Dutch society. Although Baron Bodissey, keeper of the Gates, has quite of sobering thought towards the end of this concise list of Dutch anti-dhimmitudinal heresies:
The Islamists tasted blood in the water after Europe went into full dhimmi mode over the Motoons. Watch for the jihad sharks to start circling again for this one.

Somewhere in Europe right now, warehouses are being stocked with large quantities of Dutch flags and butane lighters, with instructions for their use printed in Urdu, Arabic, and Turkish…
On the other hand there was the delightful piece of prose penned by a Haroon Siddiqui for the Toronto Star. One presumes mr. Siddiqui is the Star's in-house fiction writer, writing a modern (or rather post-modern) re-imagination of "Hans Brinker and the silver skate" casting Pim Fortuyn as the hysterical fairy with his finger in a Moroccan boy while screaming "xenophobia is good".

Judging from his name I suspect that Siddiqui is intimately aware of the concept of taqeeya. And he plays it to the fullest when he picks on the achilles heel of the Dutch discussion: the word allochtoon.
Gradually, the jobless rate among the allochtonen shot up to four times the national average of 6 per cent. Many ended up on long-term welfare.

They produced a generation of marginalized kids, products of a public school system not as committed as the Canadian one to providing equal opportunity to all. Their jobless rate hovered around 35 per cent, three times the national rate for youth unemployment. Dutch Moroccan kids in particular got into petty crime.

But the liberal defenders of diversity had little or nothing to say, their silence a product of their own complicity in the racism and the broader societal reluctance to deal with it.
That last paragraph is really laughable in it's ignorance of Dutch politics. With one fell swoop not only the Dutch not-so-left but also the Dutch truly left are racist and responsible for the plight of those poor allochtonen. Anyone that is a little bit versed in Dutch politics, knows the extraordinary lengths the truely left will go to accomodate every whim of the muslim community, up to and including granting the building of a giant mosque in an old, characteristic part of Amsterdam (and getting rid of a WW2 monument in the process).

Although as a (not so) minor point of critique, I'd like to remark that Siddiqui conveniently fails to specify the reasons for that unemployment, or the fact that when you break it down (1), the groups of allochtones most affected have a thing or two in common (the Big Black Stone elephant in the living room). Or, if I were Canadian: Are all coming from a 'broad strata from our community'. In those groups a significant lack in education seems to be at the basis of their high unemployment rates.

Now, given the ruthlessly egalitarian way education in the Netherlands is conducted it does take some considerable effort to up your education, but some groups within the allochtone set of Dutch citizens seem to be succeeding admirably on that score. The question that is left, the question that remains unanswered by Siddiqui, who effectively uses innuendo to implicate the ethnic Dutch, is this: Who is responsible for you screwing up your education? No, really responsible? Is it you, the pupil that doesn't show up(2), that makes life hell for the very people trying to get you employable when he/she does, that bitches about how there are no jobs but label a 'sucker' anyone who puts in a honest days worth?

Probably not. Well, not according to Siddiqui, anyway.

Then comes the point where the hero of our story enters stage left:
Fortuyn shrewdly targeted the Moroccans. He conflated their criminality, real and visible, with their Arab ethnicity, the way Jean-Marie Le Pen had in France. But if Le Pen was anti-Semitic, Fortuyn was anti-Islamic, in tune with the post-9/11 times.

He said he understood the Muslims because he had slept with Arab boys.
No, my dear Haroon. He (not so, given the political climate of the moment) shrewdly targeted *Muslims* (observing that Islam is a backward culture) and said he understood *Moroccans* because he had slept with them.
He had taken the allochtonen model to its logical conclusion: The problem was not with the system that had condemned a significant, and growing, segment of the population to the margins and into permanent, and self-perpetuating, intergenerational inequality but rather with its victims.
The system? Isn't that a bit "so yesteryear". The system, the Man, whatever. The System in this case is providing for social benefits for over 30 percent of younger and as much as 65% of older immigrants. In return of which we get, well... nothing (1). But I digress.

In the mean time the Pew Research Centre conducted it's own survey (can't have enough... right?) on how Muslims and non-muslims view each other and the state of the world. At Pew they try to put a positive spin on the results, but out of the numbers (especially in relation to earlier surveys) one sees a shape forming. Presumably I am preaching to the choir here, so I don't think I need to go deeply into what that shape is or where it is coming from.

The good thing about all these surveys popping up is this: They all paint the same picture. Never mind that the colors in that picture are interpreted differently by different people wtih different political leanings. Color can be disputed, but the picture remains the same. And the more people here about this, the more they'll realize what really is going on.

(1) One tips his hat to Miranda, commenting on DhimmiWatch. One major conclusion in that report, one that should be written in letters 10 feet high and conveniently placed just outside the windows of parliament:
The results indicate that immigration can not offer a major contribution to alleviate public finances and thus to become a compensating factor for the rising costs for government due to the ageing of the population.

(2) The link is NL, but the relevant bit is this: "Over 25% of pupils leave school without a diploma. Among allochtones (there it is again - KV) this percentage is higher then among [ethnic] Dutch".

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