Two easy pieces

Bradley Burston, in Haaretz, gives us a much-needed, completely politically INcorrect, dose of reality:
This ought to begin with the usual disclaimer.

It ought to begin with a Berkeley-strength apology to Muslims everywhere. It should acknowledge their concerns, recognize their oppression, identify with their struggles, endorse their just goals.

It ought to begin with a plea for understanding of suicide bombings, 9/11, 7/7, forced female genital mutilation, honor killings, Jew hate, Holocaust denial, selective Islamocentric morality - all in the context of Western blindness to Muslim suffering.

Not this time.

Just this once, let's come out with it.

There is a reason why Islam has become so easy to misinterpret, so easy to fear, so easy to hate: those who speak evil and do evil and order others to perform acts of evil in the name of its God and His Prophet.

And if you can read Dutch don't miss the latest by Lagonda:
Last week I was at a party. One of the guests was a somewhat older business man who, with sincere enthousiasm, told us he had managed to do well, how he didn't have to work anymore. He had a beautiful house, a good marriage and sweet children who were doing well in school. In short, here was a contented and happy man, that wasn't ashamed of being so. After he left, one of the attendants put into words the sentiment that apparently was shaerd by all party guests: "What and arrogant prick! I hope he'll contract something and die within now and very soon! His house won't do him any good then, will it, haha!". Everyone laughed heartily, but I remarked that this man has received a standing ovation in an American talk show. My conversation partners grimaced:"America! What do they know, anyway? Over there they're all lunatics!"

Are you sure?
Read them both.

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