Chirac speaks when he should be silent

Chirac on this Bastille Day:
"I find honestly -- as all Europeans do -- that the current reactions are totally disproportionate"
I can prove that to be a lie right here and now: I find honestly that the current reactions are totall proportionate and even rather restrained. I find - honestly - that both Hamas and Hezbollah have had it coming for a long, long time. And honestly I find that Israel should continue doing the rotten job they took upon themselves, because we in the West would not, untill all of the scum making up the membership of Hamas, Hezbollah and any organisation or government providing them with support, material or immaterial, has surrendered in abject humiliation or is dead. That is what I find, honestly.

And since I am a European, Chirac is dead wrong talking about 'all Europeans'. The best he can hope for is 'all Europeans minus 1' and I do believe that even that is a gross overestimation of the number of Europeans standing with Chirac.

(Of course, and unfortunately, the entire EU apparat and, surprisingly, the Vatican find themselves in the rather unsavoury company of l'Escroc).

[UPDATE001] Elders of Zyon has an accurate assessment of the EU indictment of Israeli actions: The EU is disproportionately idiotic.
[F]or Euridiots to actually say that one side is wrong and the other side is right would make their heads explode. In these sophisticated times, everyone is equally at fault, unless Israel does something unilaterally, of course. Morality is relative, don't you know. "One man's terrorist" and all that.

Wars must be fair, you see. The Eurodopes say that if the Arabs kill three Jews, Israel can kill 3 Arabs. Let the Muslims kill, say, 6 million Israelis, and then the Israelis would have some justification to kill 6 million Muslims - in the most humane way possible. Just as long as they don't kill any civilians, destroy any infrastructure or buildings, or make too much noise that could keep some kids awake at night. That would be cruel.
[UPDATE002] Israellycool is still live-blogging the war. Meanwhile we get some unexpected reactions from the Arab world. Big Pharaoh's dad:
This idiot Nasrallah. He is so funny. He keeps on issuing threats, he has no idea what he is talking about. What Israel is doing to him now is just gentle padding on the shoulders.
Lebanese blogger Doha:
By the way, the Israeli ambassador said that Hizbullah is launching its rockets from civilian houses with children and women acting as hosts of such rockets.

This is truely a brutal way of operating by Hizbullah. I hate violence and death. Enough is enough; the Lebanese government needs to take a stand. My country is wounded.
Little Green Footballs details some Lebanese reactions asking Israel not to give up or give in.
Please free our beloved tortured country from these crazed mullah-followers. Free our land from these bloody syrian and iranian agents. we want to live in peace.
[UPDATE003] Tammy Bruce: "Right now, ranging from Europe to the Vatican, humanity should be ashamed of itself."

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