Dutch Foreign Minister: We understand Israels action

NOS nieuws (NL) correspondent Eddo Rosenthal reports that Dutch foreign minister Ben Bot in a call to his Israeli colleague Tzipi Livni told the latter that the Netherlands understands Israels actions in Lebanon and the Gaza strip. Aside from asking Livni's help in the preparations for the evacuation of Dutch nationals from Beirut, Bot urged Israel to do everything within its power to avoid civilian casualties.
[I]t will be difficult to support Israel if massive civilian casualties occur
That last bit does sounds a bit..., nah well, but: 1) Israel is already doing exactly that, warning populations of towns about to be attacked to get out of dodge and 2) Dutch support is as of yet still unconditional, apparently. With which Bot (and with him the all new Balkenende III cabinet) proves he has at least two more balls than does Chirac.

Good for him/them.

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