France is an enemy

Atlas Shrugs points out a transcript over at MEMRI containing this little tidbit from Iranian president Khatami:
We love Hizbullah. I emphasized this in talks with Mr. Chirac, who said he has never called to weaken or disarm Hizbullah, and that on this matter, he is in disagreement with some of his European allies. Hizbullah will remain and will keep its weapons.

So, couple of things can be immediately gleaned from this bit of intel: 1) Chirac is cosying up to the Iranian regime, making the utter failure of any EU3 attempt to secure commitments from Iran pretty much inevitable, 2) Chirac is sabotaging EU foreign policies turning the whole political dimension of the EU project a big joke, 3) France is *again* siding with the enemy.

Somebody should bring France before the Security Council, kick them out of the loop or otherwise isolate them. And the EU member countries really should stop paying attention to anything that France has to say about anything. Anything coming out of Paris is irrelevant and, apparently, disingeneous and untrue. France has yet again proven itself to be unreliable to the extreme.

[UPDATE001] From DhimmiWatch: France, Saudi Arabia sign military cooperation accords
France and Saudi Arabia signed two military accords opening the way for the sale of weapons systems like tanks and fighter jets worth billions of dollars, the French presidency said.

The deal came at the end of a three-day visit to Paris by Saudi Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz during which he held talks with French President Jacques Chirac....

"These accords signed at the highest level of the two states fix the framework of our cooperation in military matters, and as such it's a political engagement to solidify our defence partnership in these projects," French presidency spokesman Jerome Bonnafont said.


Chirac and Prince Sultan also discussed at length the conflict in Lebanon, on which the two sides said their positions were close.

"We cannot allow Israel to continue its actions," the prince said, reaffirming his country's support for a multinational force along the Israeli-Lebanese border.
Methinks the side France has chosen to align itself with has become painfully clear.

[UPDATE002] via Dissident Frogman: French MP Jacques Myard (UMP, that would be Chiracs people - KV) calls for French military action against Israel.

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