From the French Eurabian front

Galliawatch reports on something that has hardly been reported (if at all) and by rights should be the centre of a national scandal and international contemplation: With the victories of the French national football team as a pretext, those famous french 'youths' made a big nuisance of themselves all over France.
"At the end of the game, there was like an explosion. Fights broke out immediately at the Bastille, at Nation, at République, and at Bercy. The police told us about the riots, the firemen brought us victims, three or four at a time. 'We try to get them as quickly as possible, so that they aren't attacked again while waiting for help to arrive,' said a fire captain. One policeman said he could no longer control anything in the corridor between Place de la République and Place de la Bastille. There weren't enough men. Around 2:00 a.m. we began to see wounds from knives, scissors, paper-cutters, screwdrivers...

"We had never seen so much happen in one night. Their faces painted in red, white and blue, the victims were stripped of their belongings. A father was brutalized in front of his children by a gang: 'I had wanted to show them the celebration. They love the French team.' The festivities became a gigantic confrontation, any pretext was used to attack someone. We even had one person wounded by a blow with an axe! Another person cried out 'Vive la France!' and was beaten up and forced to shout out the name of another country. In the eyes of the victims, this violence changed from red, white and blue to red and black.
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