Hamas: The betrayal of autonomy

As operation Summer Rain intensifies, together with condemnations of Israeli agression and collective punishment of the Palestinian people, as the inevitable 'quagmire' meme pops up in relation to said intensification (just heard it on NOS TV news, uttered by Eddo Rosenthal, NOS correspondent in Israel), CanadaFreePress has en editorial up laying the blame squarely where it belongs:
It has been said that the Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Now they have lost the benefit of the doubt that Israel has stoically demonstrated through the months of Hamas governance and in the period following Gazan disengagement. Israel took the national body blows. One thousand fiery rocket blows. But after Kerem Shalom we have a new ballgame. The Palestinians will now have to take some blows as they deal with the consequences of Hamas’ betrayal of the responsibilities of jurisdictional autonomy they have so long demanded.

The attack at Kerem Shalom was an act of international aggression by an independent governing authority against a sovereign state. Borders were crossed; blood was spilled; a "prisoner" was taken; and "credit" for the deed was proudly accepted by Hamas. These are all acts of war not peace. Israel has every right under international law to full retaliatory response as it had in 1967 and 1973. Kerem Shalom means "Vineyard of Peace". In the aftermath of this American independence day let us all remember that a place in the vineyard of independent and civilized nations comes with a price.
(via Israpundit)

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