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In the past (recent and less recent) I have libereally quoted and linked to the Belmont Club. Wretchard c.s. are part of the blogospheres top analysis team. However, the commenters on the BC are also a source of good, often underreported news and information that'll shed a completely new light on current issues.

Take for instance BC commenter M. Simon. He links to an intriguing analysis he wrote about the the Israeli-Lebanon war, arguing that the apparent stalling of the Israeli operations and the seeming loss of diplomatic momentum are part of one of the most elaborate deceptions since WW2.
The really interesting thing is that [Hezbollah], Syria, and Iran are so enmeshed in the Israeli plan that no matter what move they make now it will only give them bad and worse options. At this point you could lay the plan out in front of them and it wouldn't make any difference. They are defeated.
Is he right? I don't know, I hope he his. But at the very least entertaining the possibility this *is* what we're looking at lifted my mood somewhat after witnessing Dutch eight o' clock news' rendition of the events of yesterday and today.

Do yourself a favor and read it. If this whole thing turns out the way Simon is estimating you'll be able to boast at birthdays that you knew all along. Here's to a happy outcome...

[UPDATE001] Spook86 of In From The Cold shines his particular light on the situation.
In fact, the IAF reportedly ran out of "fixed" Hizballah targets days ago. The IAF is now concentrating on "pop-up" targets that emerge (and disappear) quickly in a fluid battlefield environment. The brief respite after the Qana incident will give the IAF a little time to determine what's working (and isn't working) in its efforts to destroy fleeting terrorist targets. The IAF will emerge from the "pause" with more jets in the sky and refined tactics for going after Hizballah; the Israeli pilots can only hope that their political leaders don't blink again, before the job is done.

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