Kofi shoots from the hip into his foot

Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the UN, accused Israel of deliberately targeting UN posts after an incident in which a UNIFIL post came under artillery fire, killing 4 UNIFIL observers. Apparently he just knew, even before calling on Israel for an investigation. For a good round up I refer you to Liberty and Justice.

However, Wretchard of The Belmont Club has a nice analysis of the dispatches sent out by UNIFIL itself. The dispatches provide a strong indication Hezbollah were using the UNIFIL OPs as cover in rocket attacks on Israel. Moreover, UNIFIL allowed Hezbollah to do so. Annan must know this, he probably signed of on the orders to UNIFIL to turn a blind eye. Draw your own conclusions

Anyway the Belmont Club post provides for some interesting reading. I really encourage you all to go and read it, but I'll give you Wretchards conclusion:
Considering the fact that UNIFIL peacekeeping mission was a dead-letter it should naturally be asked why Kofi Annan, as their ultimate commander has seen fit to keep them in a position of danger where their only chance of safety actually depends on accurate targeting by the IDF. Their positions are manifestly so close to the Hezbollah; their convoys so at risk at being confused with mobile Hezbollah forces that only by the grace of God and the accuracy of the IDF have fatalities been avoided until now. They were willing to take the risk. Annan was willing to make the hay. You be the judge of Kofi Annan's competence both in the care of his men and with respect to the accusation he has made against the IDF.
[UPDATE001] No Pasaran has pictures.

Atlas Shrugs quotes a Canadian UNIFIL observer: Hezbollah are all over the UN positions

[UPDATE003] Wretchard of The Belmont Club has an update, including the text of the UNIFIL dispatch about the incident.

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