Marijnissen, Hezbollah, Hamas and Dutch resistance in WWII

I had been meaning to stay out of the fracas around Jan Marijnissen and his morally void comparison between the violence practices by Hezbollah and the Dutch resistance against the Nazi regime during Word War II. Marijnissens historically ignorant remarks have been adequately reported by both Dhimmi Watch and LGF and caused enough furore to keep many a blog reader busy without my intervention. Besides, Michael of Liberty and Justice did a good job of explaining why Marijnissens total intellectual black-out (if it was that) was the most stupid thing he could have said in a run-up to an election year and at the same time par for the course for this Maoist turned Socialist (or rather, wearing socialist make-up).

Meanwhile in Holland there's not much of a furore. Everybody, even a good portion of the Dutch really Left, condemned Marijnissens slip up. The Socialist Party (NL), of which Marijnissen is the leader, was already slipping in the polls and this will not help. The foundation of Joint Resistance (Stichting Samenwerkend Verzet) (NL) in an official statement did not sound too upset, calling Marijnissens empty-headed comparison 'unfortunate': “He actually sounds like a Nazi. They used to call us 'terrorists' as well”, said the spokesperson for SSV rather flegmatically.

After the initial astonishment expressed this weekend, Jan Marijnissen partially retracted, of course blaming the evil MSM quoting him 'out of context'. He merely wanted to express the universal fact that 'in the face of injustice, resistance will naturally follow'. He 'never meant to equate the methods of the Dutch resistance to those of Hezbollah and Hamas' and he expressed his opposition to any causes of casualties among the innocent, including the way Hamas and Hezbollah 'fight' their opponent.

But as a commentary in Trouw (NL) observed:
The Dutch resistance did not indulge in violence against innocent civilians. Reprisals in which there were civilian casualties, were the work of the occupying power. The cycle of violence in the Mid-East at best are a reminder of the bombings of cities that were justified in a twisted, and in hindsight often wrong, reference to the ends.


The conduct of war or resistance must first and foremost be judged by the use and employment of means. The ends are not unimportant, but as a yard stick they provide a poor criterion.


That Marijnissen doesn't understand this, or doesn't want to understand this gives reason for contemplation. It means he cannot separate the ends from the means. And with that the only thing he sows is confusion.
In a bid to do some damage control (presumably) today Marijnissen came with this shoddy, disingeneous and patronizing quasi-apology:
Mocht ook maar één oud-verzetsstrijder mijn woorden anders geïnterpreteerd hebben dan vind ik dat heel erg. Ze zijn juist een van mijn grote inspiratiebronnen.

If there is even one ex-resistance fighter that has interpreted my words differently then I regret that deeply. They form one of my greatest sources of inspiration.
Note that Jan doesn't actually retract anything from what he's said. He merely regrets it if someone takes offense at his lowlife moral equivocation of Hezbollah/Hamas and the Dutch resistance. Such a class act.

So, now it is my turn to pronounce 'human excrement' onto Jan Marijnissen. Nazrallah, leader of the Black Hand gang and hider-in-a-cave (or the Iranian embassy), while encourging all and sundry to 'martyr' themselves for his (and his masters) ambitions, has himself admitted the abduction of Israeli soldiers was a bid to extort the Israeli government into releasing Hezbollah prisoners in Israeli jails. Moreover, he even lauded the firing of rockets randomly at Israeli civilian centres of habitation as just action to ensure release of those prisoners.

How does the Dutch resistance stand up in this comparison, you ask? To give you just one example from the winter of 1944. In the house of detention in Leeuwarden (Friesland, north of the Netherlands) a number of imprisoned resistance fighters underwent torture at the hands of the Sicherheitsdienst (SD). All were destined for the concentration camps or firing squads (which cannot be said of Hezbollah 'fighters' held by Israel, mind you).

Given Jans comparison the actions of the Friesian resistance would be all too predictable, no? Capture a lone, young Feldwebel, torture him in return, lob a couple of handgranates at passing Nazi patrols or convoys, killing a good number of arguably innocent Landwehr members and hired chauffeurs, and sit back until the Nazis decide on a prisoner swap. And this is exactly what DID NOT happen (surprise! Colour me flabbergasted)!

They staged a raid. 25 men of the resistance planned and executed a raid on a heavily guarded prison, freeing 51 people, the 'heaviest cases', i.e. those that surely would have been sent to firing squad or death camp. And they managed to do this WITHOUT A SINGLE CASUALTY. Not a one. Not on their side and not even on the side of the enemy. SD people trying to put up a fight were NOT executed on the spot, nor torn limb-for-limb in a human feeding frenzy, but were subdued and locked in the cells that were now free of occupants.

These are the people that Jan dares to compare to the scum of humanity that make up the 'resistance' in the Mid-East. And to add insult to injury he really regrets it if any of them feels wronged by that comparison, the disingeneous prick.

Dear Jan, you may be an accomplished politician, but you are a lousy human being for treating the best of our nation in the way you did. You wouldn't know what 'fighting the good fight' even if our Dear Lord would come down from the Heavens and point an example out to you. Come the next May 4th (National Remembrance day) you should stay home and hang your head in shame over this episode. My only hope is that with this little episode you and your scary little party have definitively jumped the shark and the already visible slide in poll numbers wil progress into a free-fall, confining you and yours to the (n)utter left wing fringes where you and yours belong. Any respect I once had for you, even if I strongly disagreed with your politics, has disappeared as of today.

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