More chickens

So, we have Nazrallah, he of the Black Hand gang and hider-in-a-cave (or the Iranian embassy), while encourging all and sundry to 'martyr' themselves for his (and his masters) ambitions (I really should come up with a pithy acronym for him).

We have Omar Bakri, begging for the help of the navy of the country he deems himself at war with to get away from the side effects of the jihad his brethren under Nazrallah, he of the Black Hand etc., started.

And now LGF links to a report that Ahmad Akkari, infamous for stirring up the Mid East over the Danish Cartoons, left Libanon for (wait for it) Denmark. On a Danish vessel, no less.

When a ship sinks, what creature is said to be the first leaving again? Nah, you don't have to answer. 't Was merely a rethorical question.

(But one wonders what the Danish authorities are thinking)

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