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I added to the Resource page a link to the EN version of Mohammed Rasoels 'De ondergang van Nederland' (The Downfall of the Netherlands).

I wanted to put it up for some time now, but Fjordman latest post at Brussels Journal on the slow and selective eroding of freedom of speech within the EU made it urgent enough to finally do it.

Read it, if you have a little time to kill. Remember, this was written back in 1990, way before 9/11, 3/11 or 7/7. Way before Iran, Iraq, Bali and Mumbay. It's an old enemy reasserting itself.

(And be sure to read Fjordmans piece as well. Rather chilling when all those little incidents put together start forming up before your eyes into a recognizable shape. Especially if it is the shape of something you thought long dead and buried)

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