Truth is no defence

Nordish Portal reports a cute little incident on the BBC message board and subsequent explanation by the BBC staff of moderators:
I made a post recently detailing the criminal past of a certain religion’s founder. Needless to say, it was modded. However, the post was factually correct. When I complained, I got this response-

“The problem is that the rule that you broke doesn’t allow for truth as a defence. What you wrote was undeniably likely to cause offense, therefore it broke the rule. Whether it was or was not true is actually irrelevant.

I understand your frustration with this decision, but I have to point out that when you joined this forum you agreed to abide by its published rules. By all means campaign to have the rules changed, but until they are changed, postings that break the rules will be removed. “

So a certain religion and its followers censor the truth and they are backed up by the mods.

These are the times we live in: The truth is irrelevant if it causes offense. Whatever happend to "The truth hurts. Get over it"?

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