UK Members of Parliament: Kill the EU constitution

Some very welcome words after all the backhanded, anti-democratic waffeling about reconstituting the failed constitution that isn't:
A group of cross-party British parliamentarians have urged their government to end the "paralysis" surrounding the EU constitution by encouraging other states to bin the document.

The foreign affairs committee of the UK's House of Commons, made up of Labour, Conservative and Liberal-democrat parliamentarians, in a report dated 19 July concluded that "although the [Constitutional] Treaty is not dead, it is comatose and on life support."

"We conclude that the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe is unlikely ever to come into force, although attempts may be made to enact some of its provisions by other means," the MPs wrote after hearing various UK officials over recent developments in the EU.

"We recommend that the government encourage its European counterparts to face up to this reality and explicitly to abandon the Treaty as a package."

The UK government led by prime minister Tony Blair has so far refrained from a firm public stance on the fate of the EU constitution after French and Dutch voters rejected the charter last year.

London has put plans for a referendum on the text on ice, but has not sided with The Hague which has declared the constitution "dead" or with those states pushing for a revival of the charter, such as Germany or Spain.


The report firmly rejects recent European Commission proposals to eliminate national vetoes in justice and police cooperation, through the so-called "passerelle" or "bridging" clauses in the current EU treaties.


Attempts to "cherry pick" and revive another key part of the constitution - the creation of an EU foreign minister post together with an EU diplomatic service - also caused alarm among the deputies.

"We conclude that, whatever the merits of the proposal to establish a foreign minister and an external action service for the EU, it is important that the European Commission should not develop a diplomatic service or ‘embassies' by stealth."

"We recommend that the government take steps to prevent the official use of the term 'ambassador' to refer to the commission's representatives," says the report.

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