Brussels Journal harrassed by Belgian authorities (again)

Paul Belien tells the story himself:
This morning the police came to my door again to question me about allegedly racist articles on The Brussels Journal. I was not in. Tonight the local police phoned to “invite” me urgently to the police station. In Belgium any leftist or totalitarianist can lodge a complaint against “internet racism” through a Belgian government website and the judiciary starts an investigation. Apparently someone in Ghent has lodged a complaint against this website. I am not allowed to know who this person is, but I am requested to come to the police station to be interrogated. I told the officer that I refuse to justify my writings for anonymous complaints. “I am not living in the Soviet Union,” I told him (though I fear I am).
Brussels Journal has been the target of those totalitarian anti-discrimination do-gooders ever since the shooting spree in Antwerp, May last. BJ was openly implicated in the murders by the Belgian media.

Since then, mr. Belien was rather childishly questioned about his home-schooling his offspring. In another incident, one month later, a police Human Trafficking task force questioned him on allegedly racist writings on BJ.

June, July and now August. Somebody in Belgian government seems to be taking a special interest. Soviet Union, indeed.

[UPDATE001] Via the Infidel Bloggers Alliance (of which I am a modest a but proud member): The Corner of NationalReview Online warns of bloggers on the watch:
We believe in the right of the accused to face his accusers. If someone wants to make the case that The Brussels Journal is a racist website, let him do so publicly. Then let the public judge. We are prepared to publicly condemn expressions of racism. Yet we also wish to decide for ourselves whether to visit The Brussels Journal, and to what degree we should credit what we read there.

The Belgian government needs to understand that a number of people here in the United States are now carefully watching the outcome of this case. Should government harassment of the Brussels Journal continue, should Paul Belien and/or any of his collaborators be punished in any way by the government of Belgium for the public expression of their opinions, and above all, should the Brussels Journal be shut down, the government of Belgium should know that this issue will not simply disappear. On the contrary, it will become a great deal more prominent, and will surely affect the attitudes of the American people toward the government of Belgium and the people of Europe.

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