Hollywood statement: End terrorism by Hezbollah and Hamas

In a world that has become used to the likes of the Dixie Chicks, Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn, this bit of news in Ynet is at the same time refreshing and totally unexpected:
Heads of the film industry in Hollywood and prominent movie stars have signed a statement blaming Hamas and Hizbullah for terror activities in the Middle East, the war in Lebanon, and for harming innocents.

Some 84 senior film industry members signed the statement, published in the Hollywood Reporter newspaper, the Los Angeles Times, and the Variety newspaper.

Among the signatories: Sylvester Stallone, James Woods, Bruce Willis, director Ridley Scott, tennis player Serena Williams, Nicole Kidman, Michael Douglas, Dennis Hopper, William Hurt, Josh Malina, Kelly Preston, Danny DeVito, Don Johnson, and media tycoon Rupert Murdock.
Thing is, though. I can't find any other stories about this. Not even in the LA Times, where the ad was apparently printed.

Blue Crab Boulevard has found the same story in the Australian Herald Sun. But still, two papers, none of them American. Disproportionately thin exposure, don't you think?

[UPDATE001] Weblogging has a pic of the ad.

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