The holocaust cartoon exhibition

[UPDATE001] One of the Euro participants in this Iranian love fest wrote an e-mail trying to explain himself.

[UPDATE002] Today (Nov. 2nd, 2006) the winners of this contest were announced.

So, this week the infamous Iranian exhibition in answer to the Mohammed cartoons has openend: The Holocaust International Cartoon Exhibition, August 14-September 13 2006, Museum of Palestine Contemporary Art, Taleghani Ave., Martyr Bardaran Mozafar, Iran (Just so you know, should you be in the neighborhood and feel inclined to make an appearance).

The AP write about it, the piece (and its quasi-neutral, 'what rascals these guys are, heehee' tone) was taken over almost verbatim by the Dutch NOS news program:
Organizers say displaying more than 200 entries from
Iran's International Holocaust Cartoons Contest aims to challenge Western taboos about discussing the Holocaust, in which 6 million Jews died but which Iran's president called a "myth."

"This is a test of the boundaries of free speech espoused by Western countries," said Masoud Shojai-Tabatabai, head of the Cartoon House which helped organize the exhibition
Fortunately, the euro MSM, apart from noting the opening of the exhibition, has largely ignored it. Which under the circumstances is the best thing they can do. Fresh from the Qana scandal and with anti-semitism still being rather un-PC it wouldn't do to report anything coming close to a positive angle (though there is no doubt in my mind there are those, who would, if given half a chance. Anja Meulenbelt, senator of the Socialist Party springs to mind). Reacting the other way around would play right into the hands of the organizers if this event, even though their assertions about western hypocracy with regard to free speech are of a level most of us grow out of when we're about nine.

But an intriguing bit of info seeps through the wall of denial in the AP piece, that sheds a light on the true grounds for organizing this exhibition:
The initial plans for a contest about the Holocaust provoked a storm of condemnation and revulsion in some countries, including the United States, which called the idea "outrageous."

The newspaper backed off and broadened the rules to include any caricature that tests "freedom of expression."
And what does my readership think those caricatures are about?

[Click here to continue]
Several cartoons showed images of the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, one showing him smiling as he stood behind President Bush while bombs carrying the Star of David fell. Another showed a turtle with a U.S. emblem laying eggs carrying the Star of David.
I'm not sure (he wrote mockingly), but I think I'm seeing a recurring theme here. Let me cut out the noise to make sure:And what does my readership think those caricatures are about?
…… …… …… …… ... … Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, … ……. … ……. .. .. ….. behind President Bush ….. bombs …….. … Star of David ….. …….. …… . …… …. . U.S. emblem …… …. …….. … Star of David.
Well, what do you know? We're back in VERY familiar territory here, aren't we? So, for the semi-intellectual drivel about testing limits of free speech, blah, blah, this whole exhibition is about venting and legitimizing the vilest kind of anti-semitism. The kind we thought we lost when the West overcame Nazi Germany and vowed "Never again".

And if you somehow doubt I am portraying this right, just go and take a look at here. Just click the 'Daily cartoon' button and have a taste of the stuff on offer. You might find that a dog turd 'n gravey served on the inside of a garbage can lid all of a sudden looks strangely more appealing then it ever did before.

So, this is what we're up against. Even when the evil gnome c.s. want to engage the West intellectually on familiar territory, they can't pull off the slight of hand they promised us. It is just more and more of the same base, crass, virulent non-humour we've come to expect of Muslim cartoonists.


The site linked to earlier links very helpfully to a list of participants while proudly declaring that "61 Countries Participated in the Holocaust Cartoon contest". It was with some dread I looked the list over, but to my narrow-minded, nationalistic relief no Dutch cartoonist was to be found. Yay for Dutch cartoonists. However, it would have been better still if no European had participated, but that was not to be:
Benjamin Heine
Thierry Hebbelinck
D.De H.(Quack)

A. Ch.

A. M.
R. B.

Mit Freunhen Grubendlic

Michael Kountouris

Gatto Alessandro

Jim Hambourg
Firuz Kutal

Marcin Bondarowicz
Adrian Franczyk
Joanna Wasiak-Bassa
Miroslaw HAJNOS

A. Rami
Laurentz Dahl
Jan Bernhoff

Suat Suha

David Varen
Bill Smith
Robert Edwards
Tim Bryant
This list is by no means complete, I just lifted the countries in the immediate neighborhood of the Netherlands. Although some of previously mentioned 'artists' seem to have a shred of decency left, seeing as they decided to valiantly participate under an obvious pseudonym or initials a lot of them have no shame whatsoever.

I googled some of these names and I found websites that are most likely related to some of these artists, although one has to be very careful about making allegations, hence the lack of links. If you're curious I suggest you devote a google session or two of your own. Be prepared for a shedload of very crappy 'cartoons' and 'artworks', though. I didn't exactly enjoy that foray into the world of the talentless.

Be that as it may: I hope the above list (or the complete list of participants linked to above) will be spread far and wide and serve as a Hall of Shame to these cretins that have lost enough sense of decency in their attention-whoring to stoop to such a low level. And don't be mad at them. Hold them in contempt. Feel sorry for their broken dreams and aspirations. Nothing more.

One more thing about Iran Cartoons, goes to proving irredeemable childishness. If you scroll down you'll find a link to a page publishing the winners of the Stuttgart 'Faszination Football' cartoon competition. Note the second prize winner: Pavel Constantin of Romania.

If you scroll down this page, you're provide with two links: Informations1 and Informations2. Information1 is a link to an index page of all submitted cartoons. Informations2 is the same page you're looking at, but published at site of the Stuttgart organizers of the event. Now look at the runners up: In third place we have someone familiar: Pavel Constantin of Romania. But didn't he come in second.

This discrepancy is easily explained when we look at the actual second prize winner: Yuri Ochakovsky of Israel. Iran cartoons opted not to show anything made by a Jew, apparently and tweaked the results so as to not have to publish this embarrassment. Yet they didn't mind linking to the source, inadvertantly exposing the childish fraud. Good going, guys!

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