Just another Tuesday

Well, this Tuesday has come and gone and I'm still here writing this, and you're still here reading this. I've started to write this post on 22:47 local, 23:47 Israeli time. Unless something awful happens in the next 13 minutes it is safe to say that the evil gnome is full of it.

Yes, Iran did give an answer to the incentive package offered to them for giving up uranium enrichment programs. But as answers go it is also just another wet, rainy Tuesday. Gates of Vienna thinks it is time for a big collective raspberry.
So Iran is going to stall a little while longer with “constructive ideas” and “sincere dialogue” and etc blah yak, all that tired diplospeak we’ve become so accustomed to over the last few years, especially when the UN is involved.

Is that it? This is what Terrible Tuesday will bring?
In the mean time I'm experiencing conflicting emotions as well. The entire day I kept a somewhat nervous eye on the news&blogs. Sitting here, now, I am relieved the world will go on as before (for better or for worse) for a little while longer. On the other hand I have to admit to a slight anti-climactic feeling.

So, was it all bogus? I don't know. On August 22, a blog created for the occasion, the suggestion is made that
[Maybe] Iran has begun something sinister in secret today; so far it seems quite a let down for their radical audience.
That Iran is as belligerent as ever can be gleaned from this highly underreported story:
Romanian oil firm Grup Servicii Petroliere said on Tuesday one of its offshore rigs in the Gulf, involved in a legal dispute, had reported coming under fire from an Iranian navy ship and being boarded by troops.
The bone of discontention seems to be a contractual dispute between the Romanian group and it's Iranian counter part. But what is most symptomatic, in my humble opinion, is the ease and speed with which the Iranian forces were deployed to 'solve' this matter.

Then there is still the matter of Ahmadinejads apocayptic ambitions. If you're curious about the 'sect' of Lord Apocolyps' choice, I refer you to Patrick Poole. Time will tell.

It is now 23:17 local, 00:17 Israeli. Still nothing on the wires. Sleep well everyone.

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