Monday evening link-o-rama

I've been away for the weekend. Which of course meant completely missing the meldown of Reuters as a news agency. May many more follow, specifically those aiding and abetting the Hezbollah PR division in Qana.

If you too have missed it, Michelle Malkins place is a one-stop-shop to get you up to speed:
Here's how it started. LGF has details. Subsequently Reuters pulled the photo. But having caught the scent, bloggers started finding more creatively adjusted photos. All by the same photographer: The Lebanese al Hajj. SoReuters was left with only one option, they severed ties with al Hajj. The latter was understandably upset with bloggers and made his feelings known in an email to Vinnie of the Jawa report: "i will cut ur neck and the devil will do meetballs from your bodies"(sic).

And speaking of reputations heading for the drain in a steady pace: The BBC coverage of the Israel-Hezbollah war is meeting more and more criticism. This is nothing new, though. USS Neverdock has been blogging the slow decline of the once paragon of journalism for some time now. As have the good people of Biased BBC.

In the mean time 'Green Helmet guy' is acquiring somewhat of a cult status, seeing as how he manages to turn up at all the right places. See EU Referendum for the full story (and more).

Powerline caught a Washington Post correspondent suggesting, nay saying, that Israel is deliberately letting Hezbollah target Israeli civilians to 'keep the moral high ground'. Apparently the Joos are 'very sophisticated in their handling of the media'.

Victor David Hanson invites anyone curious about how the world must've felt right before sliding into the insanity of World War II, to take a look around in todays world:
Our present generation too is on the brink of moral insanity. That has never been more evident than in the last three weeks, as the West has proven utterly unable to distinguish between an attacked democracy that seeks to strike back at terrorist combatants, and terrorist aggressors who seek to kill civilians.

While the curious among us are taking that look, Youssef Ibrahim is observing in the New York Sun that the Arab world also has come to a cross roads:
A prominent writer for the Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat, Hoda Al Husseini, put it well yesterday when she argued that, in the end, Sheik Nasrallah and those like him — including Hamas and the other jihadis who launch wars on the enemy only to destroy their own nations, people, and welfare — will be looked upon by fellow Arabs as people who "hate Israel far more than they love their own people."

With each passing day of the Lebanon war, this is sinking in.

And to round off here's a bit of cheery news from the home front, by way of Michael of Liberty and Justice:
There has been a dramatic increase in anti-Semitism in Holland in recent weeks, according to a report by the Israel Information and Documentation Centre (CIDI).

The CIDI, which registers anti-Semitic activity in the Netherlands, said complaints rose dramatically after Israel invaded the Gaza Strip in June and the conflict with Lebanese group Hizbullah began last month.

CIDI spokesman Nathan Bouscher also said two of the organizers of a Jewish pro-Israel rally last week received death threats. Phone messages included comments such as “Zionism is murder” and “Death to you dirty fascists”.

One of the organizers was also physically assaulted on the street, most likely by the same man who threatened the two by phone. The pair reported the threats to the Dutch police.

Commenting on the report, Hans van Baalen, MP for the Liberal VVD Party said: “It is time to act strongly against anti-Semitism. We are fooling ourselves if we think that anti-Semitism disappeared along with the Nazis.”

He deplored that the Dutch authorities “are too indifferent.”

That's it for now. Be back later.

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