More common sense from Scandinavia

Danish blogger Zonka posted a translation of an op-ed piece published in Jyllands-Posten, the paper of Mohammed cartoon fame: Are we ready for confrontation? Here's a snippet:
[C]riticism of Islam is characterized as smear campaigns and hatred, natural defenses are called "discriminatory", and those who for 25 years have warned about what is going on, are being labelled and stigmatized with the aid of Danish collaborators as "rightwing extremists".

If we for that reason allow ourselves to be sucked into debates about the "tone of the debate", we lose precious time – and at the same time overlook how the respect for other religions are being practiced the the deeply intolerant Middle-East, where in the last 100 years they have virtually succeeded in wiping out the Christian and Jewish societies.

Status today is, that Europe is about to be lost because of European leaders lacking ability to identify the character of the threat or at least is looking the other way, fickleness, and a reluctance to say things clearly and a dislike of taking the unpleasant steps now, that will prevent something even worse later on.
I'll say this: It is refreshing to see that in Denmark at least the debate is strong, healthy and bravely honest. Wish we saw more of that around Europe (and in the Netherlands in particular). We need this discussion if we want to preserve which our parent and grand-parents have handed us. For all. Including those muslims that are of good will.

There's a lot more in the op-ed. Heartily recommended reading.

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