Obsession (documentary)

If you watch just one thing today, watch this: Obsession (1:18 hours).

You may remember the 'Straight from the horses mouth' feature on this blog. Well, this film has it in spades. If you ever thought radical Islam might not be that virulent, not that dangerous, not that hatefull, not that widespread, watch this film.

This is the internet edition of the Kopping/Shore documentary, made for HonestReporting.com. For more information on this documentary, go here. For a review go here. To start the internet edition of this documentary click the poster (11/08 Link no longer working).

(via the Infidel Bloggers Alliance. This post is going to stay on top for a while. I strongly feel as many people as possible should see this)

[UPDATE003, March 16, 2007] Via Tazenda of Insoumission: A windows media version (original language with French subtitles) is available either here or here, courtesy of Swiss blogger AJM.

[UPDATE002, September 14, 2006] The internet version of Obsession is available here in .flv format, together with a required player.

[UPDATE001, August 11, 2006] Alexandra of All Things Beautiful informs me the google link to Obsession stopped working. If you want to, you can order the DVD from the link provided above (or by clicking the poster). In the mean time, if anyone out there knows a mirror, please leave a note in the comments. Thanks in advance.

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