Plight of the moderates

Charles Henry, fellow traveler at the Infidel Bloggers Alliance and proprietor of No Dhimmitude had an interesting conversation with a muslim on a bus in Vancouver, Canada:
I ask the same sincere question I ask every muslim I talk with: how do you feel about all the killing that is being done in the name of your god, allah? His answer was more honest than most.

"Ohh, it is terrible, horrible..! These are demons sent from hell."
That's refreshing, isn't it? Here we have a muslim that unreservedly, without hedging his answer, condemns evil as evil. So, maybe things aren't as bad as we here often think, with regard to islam and it's (Western) followers?


Charles, slighly surprised as well, asks about 'Passenger A's religious background:
Are you shia, I ask, or sunni? "No, neither", he says; his smile starts to waver now. "Druze..?" I ask, reaching into the corners of my mind's understanding of islam. "No, no, none of these. I am simply a muslim."
So, apparently we are dealing here with a true moderate, loath to engage in doctrinal fanaticism. Just a religious man trying to lead a good life.


"Are there many others like you, within islam, that are ashamed of the evil being done in the name of your faith? Is there a group, a formal organization, trying to reclaim the true islam from the fanatics that are speaking and acting in its name?"
Now the smile is gone for good. "No, nothing", he says, visibly shaken; with a finger swinging across his throat, he adds, "if I say what I really am thinking, I would be killed, they would kill me."
And on that note he solemnly shook my hand, and hastened off the bus.
Just a conversation on a bus in downtown Vancouver. A city who's fame for liberalism is only topped by Amsterdam and Seattle. Think about it.

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