Qana again

Yesterday a Lebanese hospital confirmed that the death toll of the Qana incident is 28, not 52 as was claimed by the Hezbollah PR machine and subsequently the worlds MSM. Apologies to Israel from the worlds leaders, MSM and NGO's for their rather premature condemnation following the uncritical swallowing of Hezbollahs version of events are no doubt forthcoming (yes, that was sarcasm...)

Rumors and clues around the Qana incident and the possible staging of the incident abound. And Newsmax comes with a new juicy little tidbit:
As it turns out, NewsMax has learned that news photographers saw aid workers wrapping furniture in body bags hours after the attack then loading the "corpses" into ambulances for the benefit of television news cameras.

Hezbollah officials at the site prevented the photographers from documenting the fabrication, said sources at the scene who asked not to be identified.
EU Referendum, in the mean time saw its digging into the Qana photos challenged by the MSM around the world, but stays on the case with some new clues that the whole thing was Hezbollah managed from the outset.

[UPDATE001] Hezbollah does not stage anything? This from StrategyPage:
Israeli troops operating in south Lebanon captured a Hezbollah safe house, and found the usual weapons and other equipment, as well as a supply of Israeli Defense Force uniforms. This indicated plans to stage a major "atrocity." Committed, as the evidence would clearly show, by Israeli troops.
Lovely. Just lovely...

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