Some common sense from Scandinavia

The Norwegian News blog has a translation up of a letter to the editors of Aftenposten:
It is essential that we come to terms with the fact that Europe is under constant attack from militant Islamists, who represent nothing but pure evil. We as Europeans, are committing collective suicide if we don’t start fighting back.

We haven’t taken the threat from Islamic terrorists seriously. We’ve been very naive. They’ve come to our territories claiming that they’re political refugees. We’ve given them political asylum and let them take advantage of our welfare systems. They on the other hand have established themselves here and set up bases in our countries. Bases from where they can wage their holy war on the people of Europe.
Make sure to read the rest, there's a lot more. (via

In the mean time, there seem to be a growing number of Scandinavians getting sick enough with the immigration situation to look for their happiness abroad. Couple of days ago Gates of Vienna posted a letter from a Swedish guy that has traded the country of his forbears for the US:
I am 20 years old and even I can say that when I was younger Sweden was a better place, the last 10 years have brought a new wave of “civilization” there.

Posing with a Swedish flag, singing the National Anthem or discussing immigration is labeled as “racism”, not only by immigrants, but by the Swedish media as well. Aftonbladet is probably the Swedish biggest newspaper, and not too long ago they presented pictures of people involved with nationalistic parties, including their home address, phone number and other information. Yet when 5 Arabic boys between 16 and 21 raped a 14 year old girl, they showed only blackened profile pictures and no other information, not even a first name.
Baron Bodissey reflects on the situation:
As Scandinavia hemorrhages its native population, scattering its best and brightest to greener pastures abroad, it imports more poor Third World immigrants, mainly Muslims, to take up the slack. Since the most intelligent and enterprising are the ones who are leaving, native Scandinavians left behind are likely to be more timid, complacent, and compliant. These are the raw material upon which the existing multicultural regime depends. They’re the sheep who won’t look up.


The downward slide towards Scandislamia can only accelerate if nothing is done to interrupt this vicious circle. The system steadily becomes more brittle; one day it will snap. At that point all the Commissions Against Racism and the Inclusiveness Workshops will be of no avail. The Islamists have no interest in such nonsense. They will brush Multiculturalism aside like an annoying fly.

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