Begging your pardon: A rant

I've been helping out Esther of Islam in Europe with a translation/transcription of the 'martyr video' of Samir Azzouz, alleged head honcho of the Hofstad group, our own Dutch local affiliate of Al Qaeda. In the process I head to go through a goodly portion of the Quran again, in order to find the references made in the video. I cannot express what a depressing exercise that is.

And I've been watching the news around Pope Benedicts lecture in Regensburg. The riots, the protests, the murders, the threats. And for days now, my anger and frustration has been growing. Anger over the completely disproportionate (where are the UN and the EU now with their ‘strongly worded’ condemnations?) and irrational reactions to a beautifully crafted lecture on the need for reason and dialogue. And frustration over the unabashedly coward commentary in the MSM, here in the Netherlands and the world at large.

I need to vent. I want to observe this whole jihad-against-the-West as level headed as possible. But right now that is made impossible by the angry pit of naked hate at the bottom of my being. I need to get rid of it. It is a boil that needs lancing. So this is going to be a rant. It will not be pretty, it will not be sophisticated, it will certainly not be nuanced. Like any lancing, it will be messy and gross. I sincerely hope that it doesn’t try the readers patience beyond his or her limits and I hope that despite the intent and circumstances something of value can be found.

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My rage was especially inflamed by the muslim protesters outside London's Westminster cathedral (See for instance Joee Blogs). The protesters were carrying signs saying:





Rather shameful to admit, but after seeing these photos I've begun daydreaming of being part of a large group of able-bodied citizens mercilessly beating the snot out of every single one of the facsimiles of human life holding those placards over their head. No killing, no maiming, just plain old fashioned handwork (with the occasional crowbar thrown in).

Not very Christian, some would say. Then again Our Dear Lord was not ashamed to use a make-shift whip to cleanse the Temple Court of all those that sought to make a quick buck from the faithful. One has to wonder: what WOULD Jesus do when confronted with such unadulterated evil on Westminster cathedrals doorstep.

I used to end a sentence with “I'm afraid”, as in: “Something like that is bound to happen if nothing changes, I'm afraid.”. Well, nothing has changed. Or rather, something did: I've dropped the I'm-afraids. I no longer view the possibility of a violent backlash as possible and unfortunate. I rather think that backlash is all but inevitable and necessary. Anyone holding up a sign on the steps of Westminster cathedral, the Notre Dame or the Utrecht Dom saying 'BEHEAD THOSE THAT INSULT ISLAM' needs to be made clear in no uncertain, preferably physical terms, that he has outstayed his welcome.

Endlessly, endlessly we've been told that the majority of muslims is moderate. And when asked these shivering little shits all mumble the same politically correct, loved-by-the-left inanities, about how they really long for world peace and just want to get along and ladidaDIDAAH!

Well, my dear muslim compatriots, as far as I am concerned you can shove it up your collective, defiled-by-the-imam-when-you-were-eight, reeking bums. I do not give a shit for what you have to say in front of the cameras of our PC-and-puss-riddled MSM media. Not when you refuse to ACT against the very ones that perpetrate what you oh-so sanctimonious proclaim to be against your religion.

'BEHEAD THOSE THAT INSULT THE PROPHET'? Well, Mohammed was batshit. He heard voices in his head and like any dime-a-dozen schizo he immediately and naturally assumed to be the messenger of god. Back in the real world, of course, he is the last Messenger of his Own Diseased Brain (or what was left of it). And the fact that you describe this sad failure of a human being as Allahs last and ultimate prophet (may he eternally be spat upon) makes you a worshipper of mental disease. Every Friday you bow at the altar of perhaps the first truly well-documented case of schizophrenic psychosis, while you claim it to be the last and final wisdom of your god. Even though in all likelihood, like many other sufferers from schizophrenic psychosis, the messenger (NSFW) pissed on himself regularly when having one of his episodes (you know, the ones you affectionately call 'revelations').

But all this should not reflect on the muslims living within our borders, of course. Most muslims just want to earn a buck, raise a family and enjoy a bit of luxury. And even then: We have freedom of expression in the Netherlands. Muslims should be able to make themselves heard. I too was of that stripe. I used to say that I wasn't particularly fond of Islam, but of course I had nothing against muslims.

Well, I'm done with that. Since watching the furore (yet AGAIN) of the islamic world, this time over a lecture which was way over the head of ANY imam anywhere, I'll wager, I am done. Since having to delve one too many times into that sceptic tank of world literature we've come to know as The Holy Quran (may every copy in the world eventually be trampled by hordes of wild boars, after being urinated on by every infidel and before being burnt on a fire stoked from dried pigs manure) I am completely fed-up with anything and anyone on the inside of islam.

I don't care how moderate you say you are. I've seen it and I've heard it a thousand times before and I've stopped believing it. The 'Religion of Peace' once again makes headlines in the Netherlands and around the world with violence and threats of violence. I just don't believe anymore in any moderateness of any muslim anywhere. You are either a muslim or an apostate. If you're not an apostate I do not want anything to do with you. And please do not think that this is a racist statement. If you used to be called Jan van Buren, before you started calling yourself Khaled, if your beard is blonder then Rutger Hauwers hair and your eyes bluer then his, I'll still spit on your shoes and throw the left-overs of barbecued pork chops at you just the same.

Islam is a religion from Hell. It is the perversion of everything that makes a faith good and fruitful. It is to true faith as an oozing, maggoty corps is to a vibrant Dutch blonde. Its Prophet ranks below anything that humankind has ever produced. Muhammed was fond of saying that Jews were the sons of pigs. Americans are fond of saying: It takes one to know one. I think they may be on to something.

Any religion that condones stoning of rape-victims, beating of women, marrying off of girls 9 years and older and adults men 'rubbing the thighs' of infants no older then a few months cannot be a serious contender in any multicultural, interfaith popularity contest. Like any wife-beater and child-molester Islam should be thrown in jail, preferably among the general population, which on the whole have their own less-then-circumspect views on beaters of wifes and molesters of infants.

And any follower of said religion needs his head examined. Or needs to have a good hard think whether what he believes is truly Good. As long as any follower of such a religion refuses to do so, he tacitly admits his preferences for stoning, wife-beating and thighing. And if you do, I'd rather NOT have you as a friend. Not even as a distant acquaintance. Actually, I'd rather not know you at all.

So, muslims? Well, as far as I am concerned anymore, they are worthy of mild contempt at best and open hostility at even better. As long as you do not recognize my right to live how I live, believe how I believe, so long as you fail to recognize my country is MY country with its own history that has fuck-all to do with your deranged Prophet and your demented concept of deity, in short: as long as you do not turn to atheism or Christianity or Buddhism or anything else that is not Islam you are not worthy of my time, you are not welcome into my home and you may rot where you stand.

Congratulations, another citizen successfully radicalized. May it come back to haunt you a thousand times over.

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