Five times a day, or die.

The Taibah mosque in Amsterdam invited Indian imam Maulana Rizwi (NL) to deliver a sermon. This sermon was then distributed among the Amsterdam muslim faithful. Nothing spectacular maybe, except that his sermon was rather, erm... flamboyant?
Anyone who prays three times a day or less is an apostate, a kufr. The kufr deserves a harsh punishment. The grave of the kufr must be frightening to look at. Thus the faithful will see the importance of praying on time
And don't think even women in labor are exempt from this obligation
During the delivery of a child a woman must keep to the times of prayer, even if the head of the child has passed the birth channel
Leakat Dilmohamed if the Noori mosque, that invited Rizwi to Amsterdam, says he finds the sermon 'sharp, but inspiring' and doesn't think the sermon is an affront to Dutch muslims.

Why was this character even allowed to enter the Netherlands?

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